Our Story

Different backgrounds, different lifestyles, different personalities combined with the same values, same dreams, same love for fashion and people, and same hearts equals Kindred Spirits.

We started out as strangers from different backgrounds and lifestyles.  Over many years of school, work, and church, our lives continued to cross paths and we eventually became friends. We love fashion, shopping, and finding the perfect thing for the people in our lives. We joked for years that we should have a business together. As our daughters grew up and we wanted to spend more time with them, we decided to make this dream real. Plans and preparation led to the launch of our business on Instagram in July of 2017 with the three moms (Christie, Karen and Dina) and our three daughters (Abbie, Hannah, and Alana) sitting on the floor inside one of our closets. From there, we created an online store that was warehoused in that same closet. Soon, the closet grew into the dining room and then into a covered traveling trailer. After many pop-up boutiques, in-home showcases and holiday events, we realized we were destined for a retail store now located at the Old Mill in Lexington, SC.

As we six women manage to work together day to day, we see how the Lord has so intentionally intersected our paths and woven our lives together so that we can beautifully use our gifts to complement each other. No, it is not perfect! We learn daily to respect our differences and apply Grace upon Grace. How grateful we are to be able to enjoy the Kindred Boutique with each other, family, friends and our new friends to follow.

At each event, before meetings, and in our store, this is our prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for allowing this opportunity to unfold. Thank you for all the blessings that you give us each day. We pray for all our friends, families, and customers that come through these doors to not just see clothes and shiny things or us just trying to create a business. We pray they see you, Lord, and your light! We pray they see grace, gentleness, patience, kindness, joy, peace, and most of all a Kindred Spirit of love for one another. We know that all material things are just on loan to us for our time on earth and may we enjoy them, but put you first and foremost. In humble prayer, may all we do and say give you honor and glory.

In Jesus name we pray,


We thank and look forward to meeting and getting to know our customers as well as continuing to enjoy our friends and family!


The Kindred Girls

Christie and Abbie

Karen and Hannah

Dina and Alana